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What a Strange Year!

The ducks seem to be around on non-ducky days and then we get wind and they all sit throughout the day. Oh yeah, it’s a full moon and they have been feeding all night. I have heard some decent reports in the high dollar Butte Sink clubs. I have only heard of 2-3 other guides pulling specks. One in Dingville, and the other in Sutter area. The specks are THICK in Dingville right now. There is also a bunch of ducks and specks near Riego road. The main grinds from Richvale left and headed west towards Bayliss. They should have some better days in the next week. We need weather and we need it really bad. Many people are saying this is the worst duck year in the past 20+ years. We need 2-3 days of southwind and rain to stir them up and have a decent close. We are down about 50% on bird counts this year.