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Season Overview

Well the general duck season is over and overall it was a slow year for most. We have friends with many ducks clubs in natural to rice that had poor seasons. The birds still aren’t completely here to some. I have been asked what that means so I explain for some. The cold weather drives birds to southern wintering areas. Some species stop and winter in CA and others will stay in WA or OR if the ice and snow never comes. Hence, the birds are not here yet because the West Coast never got the fall or winter weather we needed to pushed 80+% of the birds here. There were a few weeks in December where the valley skies we lit up but the birds kept jumping north as the Decmber and January weather remained calm. Also, with sunny skies the birds in the valley can roost and feed in the same locations. If they don’t have pressure then they won’t leave. We have a lot of water in the valley and is hard to cover all areas.

Overrall, our blinds shot below average except for one club. We are looking forward to the late spring goose hunt this month.