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Sacramento River Salmon Fishing 2019 Season

Sacramento River Salmon

Another trophy Sacramento River Salmon

The Sacramento River salmon fishing season is closing in fast as the opening day is July 16th.   The season then runs through November with the best fishing starting in August until the end of October.

With a better than average return of Chinook Salmon expected this year fishermen throughout California are starting to make their plans and book their trips with Sacramento River Salmon Fishing Guides.

Hundreds of Thousands of Chinook Salmon migrate up the Sacramento River to their spawning beds each fall.   On their way upstream fishermen have the opportunity to catch up to 2 Chinook Salmon per day. These fish typically range in the 20-30 pound range with an occasional fish over 40 pounds and a few trophies in the 50 pound range.

Sacramento River Chinook Salmon begin their lives in the upper Sacramento River and its tributaries and then when old enough make the migration downstream through the delta and out into the Pacific Ocean.

They stay in the Pacific Ocean for a number of years traveling as far north as the Gulf of Alaska.   These fish grow quickly by feeding on krill and shrimp and then they return to the fresh waters of the Sacramento River system to complete their circle of life.

Chinook Salmon are known by many names depending on where you are located on the west coast of North America.  Typically They are called Chinook i California and Oregon but as you go further north they are also called Kings, Blackmouth and Tyee Salmon.  There is also a strain know as the White King that has white meat instead of pink meat. You can not tell the difference until you start filleting them.  Some people believe that the White King is the best tasting of all Chinook Salmon but honestly it is in my opinion almost impossible to taste the difference.

Many fish are famous for the way they fight when hooked: Tarpon for their spectacular jumps, bone fish for their endless runs, trout for their srappy aerial battles.  Chinook are big powerful fish known for taking the battle to the deepest part of the river they can find. Chinook Salmon typically strike hard and immediately go into a long run,  your reel will be singing during this part of the battle. Then the fisherman will get a workout slowly reeling and pumping the rod to get them off the bottom of the river. Don’t be surprised if the Chinook gets up to the boat and decides the fight is not over and heads right back down to the bottom of the river again.

Both novice and experienced salmon fishermen alike never tire of the battle of a big Chinook Salmon.   There is nothing more fun to watch then the first time someone hooks on to a Big Chinook. People are impressed with the power and stamina that these amazing fish have.

Patience and knowledge are the two most important things you have to have to consistently catch Chinook Salmon.   If you are an occasional Salmon fisherman you can go hours or even days between strikes and even longer between netting a fish.   That is why most occasional Salmon fishermen rely on the help of a professional salmon fishing guide.

Sacramento River Salmon Trophy

2019 is going to be a great year for Sacramento River Salmon fishing

Not only does a Sacramento River Salmon Fishing Guide have years of knowledge knowing where the fish will and won’t be they also have all the gear and tackle needed for any situation or water condition.   Depending on the time of year you may be fishing with bait under bobbers, trolling Kwickfish, throwing spinners or even jigging or plunking. Being on the river most every day they have the knowledge it takes to help increase your odds of hooking and landing a big Sacramento River Chinook Salmon.

Because of the popularity of the fall run of Chinook Salmon booking early with a Salmon Fishing Guide is important if you want to get one of the best dates.  Most Sacramento River Fishing Guides use aluminum sleds that are designed specifically for fishing and comfort. Most will fish 4-5 fishermen comfortably. Unless you have a favorite Rod and Reel you want to use I would suggest that you use the geat that the guide provides.  They are typically top of the line rods and reels that are mechanically sound. The last thing you want to have happen is to tie into the Salmon of a lifetime only to have your equipment fail you at the most crucial time.

To prepare for your Sacramento River Guided Salmon Trip you will want to consider bringing along the following things:

  • Clothing To Match The Expected Time You Will Be Fishing
  • Hat
  • Comfortable shoes and or waterproof boots
  • Sunscreen
  • Cooler for the boat with beverages, lunch and snacks
  • Cooler to take your catch home – leave in your vehicle
  • Fishing License
  • Camera
  • Sun Glasses
  • Favorite Rod and Reel – if you have a one

Please keep in mind that our boats do not have a bathroom facility on board but there are plenty of places where we can pull off to let you relieve yourself.

Many guides don’t mind you bringing along some beer but remember that anytime your are on a boat their are dangers.   Please do not drink to the point of intoxication. Since Fishing Guides are federally regulated they have to follow federal law when it comes to drugs,  which means you can not bring or use any onboard. This does include marijuana in any form.

Chinook Salmon is one of the most delicious Salmon you will ever serve your family,  especially when it is fresh. You can bake it, fry it, grill it, smoke it, etc … it is all good.   

Chinook Salmon has more oil in the meat than many Salmon do so that will keep it moist when preparing it.   With that said, a little “fat replacement” coating never hurt. Some people will use butter with garlic, mayo with Dill Weed is another popular mixture to put on a Salmon when baking.   Grilling on a moist cedar plank and then pouring on real maple syrup over the top is one of my favorites.

Smoked Chinook Salmon is also another great way to enjoy your catch.   There is nothing better than kicking back with a cold frosty beverage and a plate of smoked salmon to enjoy while watching your favorite football team on a cool weekend day.

In you have fished for Sacramento River Salmon before then this is a season you really don’t want to miss.   If you have never fished for Sacramento River Salmon before then there will be no better time to start.  To tilt the odds in your favor of bring home a limit of these delicious fish is to call an eperienced professional fishing guide like Elite Sportsman.    They will take you under their wing for the day and show you the fine details of how to find and fish for a Sacramento River Salmon.