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Northern California Goose Hunting

Guided Northern California Goose hunting starts well before the sun rises in the sky. We normally meet between 3:30 a.m. to 5 a.m. depending on which field we are going to be hunting. We move fields almost every day and pick up decoys with clients. We are chasing the geese in the valley as they move from field to field and have great success by setting up spreads the morning of the hunt. This requires the help of all clients with guide and helpers. (We do offer a permanent spread day hunt which all 1000 decoys are already set up and requires no work from clients.) All Goose hunting takes place from one of our private rice/row crop fields. A full day hunt is until from shoot time until 11:30 a.m. or until limits are taken.
NOTE: This hunt requires work among all people setting and taking down decoys. (Mobile Hunt)
NOTE: This is hunting wild birds and in no way to we imply you will shoot birds or take your limits. We are very successful on long term average and have many great days but we do have a few slow ones too. Be prepared for that!

Northern California Goose Hunting Prices

Mobile Layout Goose Hunting $ 325.00/person 4 person min
$300.00/person when booking entire field. (6-10 hunters)

Tank Goose Hunts $300.00/person (Maximum 7 Hunters)

Layout goose hunts over 10 people please email us for pricing and for multiple day discounts.

ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE! Cancellations made 21 days before hunt can be transferred to new date if available at discretion of owner.

What to Bring:

CA Hunting License and Federal/State Stamps
Waders and Camo Rain Jacket
Warm layered clothing
Shotgun (12 gauge ) or larger
Ammo Steel Shotgun Shells (2 boxes/person)
Camera (Pictures will be taken and emailed or texted to you included in trip)