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Feather River

The Feather River is the largest tributary of the Sacramento River. The mouth starts in Verona flowing from Lake Oroville some 60+ miles north. This river offers a all types of fishing environments. The lower section has sandy bottoms and many shallow channels, and the upper portion has deep holes and massive rocks. The average depths range from 2 to 35 feet. The Yuba River flows into the Feather in Marysville, CA. There are 5 main launch ramps used regularly to access this wonderful river. River levels adjust to the outflow of Lake Oroville which affects the fishing. Striped Bass return each year in the spring to spawn and some big resident fish live year year round. Salmon return to their spawning grounds each year from May-Dec to lay their eggs and die. Sturgeon come to spawn in Dec-March each year also. Shad come to spawn from May-July each year also. Many animals can be seen in their natural habitat on this river.