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Northern California Duck Hunting

Our Fully Guided Duck Hunts start at before the sun rises and ends around noon or when limits are obtained. We also offer half day hunts in the afternoons which are 3 hour hunts. All hunts are a short walk to the blind down a road or check. Our hunts include a ride via ATV or Argo to the blind and included all bird retrieval from our professional retrievers. All Blinds have a heater to keep you comfortable but you should bring coffee/warm drink to keep you relaxed. Blinds all have 200-1000 floating decoys at the blinds. All field s are privately rented for your convenience or no overcrowding.
All Guides are professional callers, hunters and will do their best to bring birds into range.

We do offer some days for Unguided Goose and Duck Hunts. Check calendar for those dates!

We generally harvest mallards, pintails, widgeon, teal, gadwall, spoonies, and wood ducks. Geese are a bonus at the duck blinds and we will try to target them from time to time.

Guided Northern California Duck Hunting $300.00/person (Morning Shoot) $250.00/3 or more people
Guided Northern California Duck Hunting $400.00/single shooter (Full Day Shoot) $375.00/2-3 shooters | $350.00/4 or more shooters
UNGUIDED Duck/Goose Hunts $300.00 person, $275.00 / 2-3 shooters, $250 / 4 or more shooters (DECOYS PROVIDED)

ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE! Cancellations made 21 days before hunt can be transferred to new date if available at discretion of owner.

What to bring:

CA Hunting License and Federal/State Stamps
Waders and Camo Rain Jacket and Camo Hat
Warm layered clothing
Shotgun (20 gauge) (12 gauge)
Ammo Steel Shotgun Shells (2 boxes/person)
Camera (Pictures will be taken and emailed or texted to you included in trip)

Guided Northern California Duck Hunting Guided Northern California Duck Hunting UNGUIDED Duck/Goose Hunts


/single shooter


/single shooter


/single shooter


/3 or more people


/2-3 shooters


/2-3 shooters



/4 or more shooters


/4 or more

Morning Shoot Full Day Shoot  

The 2020-2021 Duck Season Is About To Start

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