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Waterfowl Photos

50 geese.jpgty geese.jpgED geese.jpgeric geese 2013.jpgFreind goose hunt MON.jpgrainy goose hunt 2013.jpgGOPR0016.JPGavery snow shot.jpgspecks and snows 13.jpgryan geese.jpgmorgan goose hunt.jpggoose hunt 12-23-12.jpgmike ducks.jpgsonja specks.jpgme with snows.jpgducks 2012.jpgtyler and rob.jpgshawn and tony.jpgIMG_0241.JPGIMG_0239.JPGIMG_0163.JPGpic 4.JPGHONKERS ME.jpgSCOTT AND ANT.jpgCOLIN AND JASON.jpgSpecks Dead.jpgJeff and Me.JPGmike me and alex.jpgwood ducks.jpgcacklers benelii.jpgMo night snows.jpgtule hunt.jpgjames geese.jpgspecks and snows 13.jpgMO snows.jpgpair of mallards.jpgmallards.jpgspecks all dead.jpgTule Specks.jpgMALLARDS.jpg

Duck Blind Leases

Feb 1st -    All following years blinds announced
Feb 15th - Deposits Due
March 1st- All blinds not paid and contract signed forfeit yearly lease

Oct 1st -   Blind 2nd payment due
Oct 15th - All blinds not paid and contract signed forfeit yearly lease and deposit

Please only call about yearly duck blinds when they become available in February    

All calls during the season will be referred to calling when blinds are announced!

Any and all last minute blinds will be announced on Facebook page EliteSportsmen  guide service 

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