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Sacramento River

The Sacramento river is the main highway for all fish travelling north to spawn. it stretches 390+ miles from Rio Vista to Lake Shasta. The Sacramento is by far the largest watershed in California. This river has everything a watershed needs to support these fish returning each year. It is considered the most beatiful in the spring and summer months for it’s wildlife and scenery. Many Chinook salmon return each year in massive numbers to spawn and die. Striped bass, Steelhead Sturgeon, and Shad also travel here to spawn in specific sections of this river. Many other animals and birds can be seen on the banks of the Sacramento river. Blacktail deer, Turkeys, Raccoons, Beavers, Otters, Peacocks, Bald eagles, and Osprey to name a few. Bring a camera to capture some of these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. There are 20+ launch ramps to access this river for fishing and hunting. Whether your coming to catch a Striper or hunt geese on the river, it will be a memory of a lifetime.

Duck Blind Leases

Feb 1st -    All following years blinds announced
Feb 15th - Deposits Due
March 1st- All blinds not paid and contract signed forfeit yearly lease

Oct 1st -   Blind 2nd payment due
Oct 15th - All blinds not paid and contract signed forfeit yearly lease and deposit

Please only call about yearly duck blinds when they become available in February    

All calls during the season will be referred to calling when blinds are announced!

Any and all last minute blinds will be announced on Facebook page EliteSportsmen  guide service 

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