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We have some dates open for guided ducks and geese in Nov and Dec currently. Call today and make sure you don't miss the action from our Sacramento valley properties. We have blinds in 5 counties all … [Read more...]

Ducks are coming south!

The north is getting colder weather in the Washington/Oregon and the California Sacramento valley rice is starting to be harvested which means on thing. Here comes the waterfowl. We will again be … [Read more...]

November slow days on ducks

Some of these next few days will be slow and some good with some weather until the next push of migrating waterfowl come down from Canada, We are averging 2-3 birds max per person this week but better … [Read more...]

Ducks are here in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California

We are seeing all sorts of waterfowl migrate into the northern CA valley north of Yuba City,CA. Mallards, Pintail, Widgeon and some teal and shovelrs are working there way down from northern states … [Read more...]


Well we had a very good goose season and things finished great for all our clients and friends. We had many good shoots and a few slow ones and looking forward to the late season and then getting back … [Read more...]


All the geese have entered the valley and full migration is on. Most refuges have fully open now the water has come. … [Read more...]

BIG STORMS bring much needed water

We are finally seeing a normal winter and getting much needed water in Northern California for out rivers and lakes and migrating waterfowl. We are expecting a very large storm this week which should … [Read more...]


The Ducks are here in the CA valley and more are showing up each day and we continue to see steady success of birds between 2-4 bird average per hunters depending on shooting ability. Some days are … [Read more...]


Well the duck hunting is very good and we are off to a great start to the season and a few blinds are over 100 birds before Nov 5th. We have about 11 openings for the season so call today to book your … [Read more...]


Well the opener is right around the corner in the Sacramento valley. The season starts on October 18th and end on January 25th. We have water on our guide blinds and will be running trips as normal … [Read more...]