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Q: What do I need to bring on a Fishing trip?
A: License, stamps, Lunch, Warm clothing, Sunscreen, Camera, Ice cooler to take home fish

Q: What do I need to bring for hunting trip?
A: License, Stamps, Gun, Ammo, Lunch, Waders, Waterproof clothing, Camera, Camo Hat.

Q: What time do we meet?
A: Your guide will make contact 24 hrs ahead of time to set a meeting place, normally fishing ramp or hotel.

Q: Can we bring children under 12 years old?
A: Yes, we welcome kids, but the must wear a PFD at all times on boats.

Q: Can we bring alcohol?
A: We allow beer ONLY on fishing trips, no alcohol is premitted on hunting trips.

Q: Can we bring more than 4 people on a guided trip?

A: Yes we work with other local guides for parties larger than 4-6.

Q: What is the deposit and cancellation policy?
A: 50% deposit due at time of booking and cancellation policy is 48 hrs before the trip starts.

Q: Are deposits refundable?
A: They can be put towards another guided trip within 1 year of original booked trip.

Q: When is the best time to hunt/fish?
A: Check our charts section of the website to show the orime times for hunting and fishing.

Q: Are guided trips guaranteed catch/kill trips?
A: No. Your guide does everything to ensure your success, but we do not guarantee animals or fish.
*If your party gets skunked, we offer a reduced rate for a follow up trip.

Q: Can we bring our own dog on waterfowl hunts?
A: Normally no, but arrangements can be made.

Q: Do you allow hole-splitting on blinds?
A: No, only one member per seat in waterfowl blinds.

Q: Do you clean our fish and birds on trips?
A: Fish will be processed at no additional charge, birds are cleaned by you or a local facility.

Duck Blind Leases

Feb 1st -    All following years blinds announced
Feb 15th - Deposits Due
March 1st- All blinds not paid and contract signed forfeit yearly lease

Oct 1st -   Blind 2nd payment due
Oct 15th - All blinds not paid and contract signed forfeit yearly lease and deposit

Please only call about yearly duck blinds when they become available in February    

All calls during the season will be referred to calling when blinds are announced!

Any and all last minute blinds will be announced on Facebook page EliteSportsmen  guide service 

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