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Sacramento Duck Blinds

We offer 3 and 4 man waterfowl blinds in rice in the Northern Sacramento valley for annual lease. Elite Sportsmen has leased property for the past 20 years from different landowners and carries $1 million liability insurance on every property. Many of the clubs are leased and hunted by close friends. My goal for us is to have multiple properties where we can hunt and chase the birds. With the migration changing each year and high levels of water and flooding, one needs to have a few options to choose from to be consistently successful. We offer blinds in these areas each season. (Willows, Chico, Richvale, Gridley, Sutter, D10, Colusa, Dist. 108)

Many waterfowl hunters I know have experienced bad seasons due to overcrowding blinds on a property, not knowing all club members, or poor locations. I have tried to eliminate all of these with our properties. That’s why we are Elite Sportsmen. All members must sign release of liability and rules of Elite Sportsmen Duck Clubs before accessing property.

Our Blinds range from $1650 – $3000 per shooter per season which includes a sandwich, chips, fruit and drink. We can also provide a full BBQ lunch, call for pricing.

Blind Dues Calendar
Feb 1st. – Verbal Communication
Feb 20th – ½ Deposit
March 1st – Open Blind List
October 1st – ½ Deposit

Email me for an advice on certain areas or clubs in your area. I’m sure we can give you another club recommendation or location to try if we can’t help you.

Duck Blind Leases

Feb 1st -    All following years blinds announced
Feb 15th - Deposits Due
March 1st- All blinds not paid and contract signed forfeit yearly lease

Oct 1st -   Blind 2nd payment due
Oct 15th - All blinds not paid and contract signed forfeit yearly lease and deposit

Please only call about yearly duck blinds when they become available in February    

All calls during the season will be referred to calling when blinds are announced!

Any and all last minute blinds will be announced on Facebook page EliteSportsmen  guide service 

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