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NOW BOOKING Waterfowl Hunts 2018/19 season

We are now booking waterfowl hunt in the Sacramento Valley for all different species of puddle ducks and Specklebelly geese and snow geese! We have seven different guy blinds in three different goose pets as well as over 40 different fields to access to ensure your success this winter hunting ducks and geese

We offer for transportation to and from your vehicle to access the blind as well as a heated pet plan for you to relax and waiting for this waterfall to come into the decoys Are use the best decoys as possible anywhere from 300 to 1000 decoys per blind depending on the situation

We can accommodate as many people as possible and have small blinds for two people plus a guide and up to goose pits for up to eight people

Punching will start on October 20 and continue into the end of January we start most of our waterfowl hunt in the rice fields and will continue chasing geese into January

Give us a call with any questions that you might have and we promise to hopefully give you a great experience in the outdoors following are migrating water fountain and enjoying our passion of life